“How to Make it in America”

I don’t skateboard but I watch this 19 minute HBO documentary about skateboarders in New York and loved the message within. Do what you love to do and follow your dreams. Life is a struggle but those struggles are worth it if you love what you’re doing. This is something I live by and actually what helped me realize the choice of me pursuing my dream of working in the fashion industry. I have not yet reached the pentacle of my dreams and goals in life but I am loving every minute of my journey. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do, you should do what you believe in deep down inside.  The documentary was to help promote HBO’s new TV series How to Make it in America,  which”follows two enterprising twentysomethings as they hustle their way in New York City, determined to achieve their version of the American Dream” staring -the cutie- Bryan Greenberg and also in the series Kid Cudi. It sound pretty good but I do not have HBO in my dorm so I will have to wait and see if it really is. But, to watch the documentary, just click below on ‘The Get By’.


It’s never too late…

One of the be best workouts I have ever done was merely just dancing ballet. I have experienced many workouts in my day from being in sports since I was in 6th grade; playing volleyball, softball, track, and basketball. I was actually a born athlete if I don’t say so myself, fortunately getting this wonderful trait from my father who had what my mom calls a ‘ballerina body’ back in the day. Ballet felt like much more of a workout then anything else I ever did. I felt results instantly. I have only had two semester of it in my life and actually learned a whole lot thanks to my ballet teacher. She saw my drive and determination in learning the art and always had patients for my uncoordinated self when I first started. I came to have this love for the art and I hope to be able to squeeze in another class soon. It was not only a good workout in the arms and legs but it improved my posture, for the first time in my life I really felt tall even though I still may have been the shortest in the class (at 5’1” barely) but it elongated my torso and I felt so elegant and beautiful being in the class. I gained so much more confidence at being a beautiful, short , healthy hispanic woman. It benefited myself so much. Which is why I would definitely recommend all women who want to gain a little more self-confidence, cause it was the best experience of my life and I will continue ballet. Heck and maybe you will have cute guys in the class too, I did and that always made me feel more beautiful when I danced cause they admired it even if they didn’t actually say it *laugh* It’s never too late to start and try something new, I was 19 when I first tried it!

Prima Fashionista

The name of my blog just hit me today like a baseball bat. I was thinking about ballet which has recently become one of my new love of mine and thought of prima ballerina. In fashion I have so many goals I have in order to reach my dream of working in the fashion industry and what better way to start then this. I will be able to express anything on my mind plus more! I don’t want this to be just about me because to be honest that would be a bit boring because most of my time right now is devoted to school work. Although maybe to some that would be fascinating I want to use this as a way to publish many of the ideas I have had in trying to start my own magazine. This is much does not cost anything plus I will be able to reach a wide audience (an unknown one to me) This whole thing is all very new to me but I have so many plans to blog about fashion in real life as we see in the streets, what influences each of our styles, clothes and accessories, food(I live to eat), art, music ( looove), health and fitness, and so much more. My mission is to enlighten people and myself with all these things by exploring, interviewing and experiencing things first hand so I can share with you! I hope you admire my mission because I know I am going to have so much fun searching , meeting, and learning about people and their life style who love fashion just as much as I do. Follow me on this journey of mine!