London calling…

For the record I have had so much to do in school right now. Another year is coming to an end, and me becoming a junior in college. I am so excited to coming closer to the end of one chapter and the beginning of another (as cheesy as that sounds). I have so many plans for myself when I finish college and right now my biggest is doing study abroad in London this next spring. London is something that is a huge opportunity to really take my career in my hands and do what I would have done if I went to New York, it will be my big break. I will do everything in my power to network and help further my dream of working in the fashion industry. Ugly Betty comes to mind when I think of my future. Everytime I watched the show  -which sadly already finished the last season of the show- I always felt like I  related to Betty so much in different ways. Are dreams are slightly different yet similar in some ways. So, I am hoping for the best right now that these plans for study abroad goes in my favor, for once. I wouldn’t mind moving to London when I finish college if I have the oppourtunity.


you’ve been a very very bad bad girl gaga…

Well, I have been slacking on my blogging. Forgive me, but now I am back and good to go. Last time I left you with my determination of getting gaga tickets, I failed that time. Then I found out later that day of ticket sales which sold out in  5 minutes. I actually had scored myself a pair but when I checked to see where the seats were going to be my timer refreshed and I LOST them! I cried then got over it after a trip to the mall( just to window shop, I don’t need to spend money to get over things). Then later at night when I was online I read that another show was added. The ticket gods where really with me. So when Tuesday came around I was able to get those tickets that time.So excited I actually got four (long story) now I am trying to sell two of them because it is just my little sister and I who are going. Anyways, now its time to get our best Gaga costumes ready for July 26th!!

on a mission;)

I have been waiting for this day to come since I found out she added tour dates, Lady Gaga tickets!! The official ticket sales date for the Houston Toyota Center is Friday, April 9 at 10 am. I am crossing my fingers for floor seats, if any are left, or anything as close as possible. Yesterday, I actually found someone who is selling some awesome tickets they got on pre-sale but I would have to be insane to buy a pair  at the price she is asking for. I will just have to  wait until friday, unless, I magically get enough money for those tickets.  I will be at that concert no matter what  -with the little sis- and I will be in some Lady Gaga inspired costume. This would be an awesome 21st birthday gift. So, if any one would like to donate to my ‘Heather would love to see lady Gaga front row as my 21st birthday gift fund’ you would be  greatly appreciated;)

zac posen for target!

I would have to say the current go international designer John Paul Gaultier for target  is quite a disappointment to me, every target store I entered had the whole collection sitting on the racks still. None of the pieces was worth buying, not even at sale price. But, the next designer to be features at Target stores nationwide on April 25 should not be as disappointing, Zac Posen. I have high hopes for this collection, just looking at the few pictures in the April issue of teenvogue his prom inspired collection looks very promising. You will certainly be getting high-end looking clothing at affordable prices. Save the date because this line will certainly sell out fast.