R is for Recycle

If you have piles of magazines and have trouble getting rid of them- like me- be creative and think of ways of keeping them. I have used them to make beads for bracelets and necklaces. And recently I used it to cover this small turquoise colored side table (target). I only covered the top part leaving the legs with the pretty color it Originally was. I stated in a past post of my plan to cover a whole wooden desk my mom found on the side of the rode one day. This small side table was practice before I start this huge project and it came out better than I thought. This is a fun and yet simple project to do with magazines hard to let go. An even simpler way to use your fashion magazines is to neatly cut out the fashion layouts, which are  always beautiful, or any of your favorite pages from those magazines and put them up on your dorm walls with sticky tack. I do this to make my room feel more homey and less plain. I also have  three posters: Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1920’s flapper, and blossom tree by van gogh poster (all bought at a school poster sale). Using my magazine pictures was a whole lot cheaper than the cost of those three posters. So don’t forget to recycle those perfectly good magazine’s and think of some fun creative projects to use them with. Here is the final product of my coffee table sample project…


le chic

Today is my older sisters birthday party. It seems as we get older theme birthday party’s become more and more popular. This one is all things Paris. With stripes and polka dots, and everything pink and black colors. Well my duty (as always) was to make the cake. Originally I was just going to make a two layer cake and cupcakes but she changed her mind after we bought some pans that could make a three tear cake. I made it yesterday and it took me five hours to complete and that is including the time I had to go back to the store to get black icing because my mixing of colors kept getting me like a nasty dark grey. I used pink food coloring for the little pink tint but ran out of that and ended up using the red( which would have made my life easier a lot earlier when making it) I used three cake mixes and 2 containers of frosting, with decorating pink and black frosting. So much work went into this, I am no professional cake baker but I think I did a good job. I know my sister will like how cute and chic it looks. Don’t ever forget when baking it must be done with love and plenty of patience.

Until next time;)

dear summer

Dear summer,
Thank you for giving me a break from a year of schoolwork. Don’t get me wrong I love everyday what I am studying more and more but a break once in a while is nice. This past semester was my hardest and now that it is over with I am glad to be spending time with you. But, it is not all fun and games. Work is what you consist of and every year you become more demanding of me. I have to admit this summer job which I have had for the past four years is not what I wanted to do for the fifth year again but if it is going to make me good money to help pay for study abroad in London next spring, I can suck it up. This year will mainly consist of work, my sisters wedding preparations, and a gazillion parties that go along with that, maid of honor duties, making time for friends, being with my wonderful family and last but certainly not least, Lady Gaga!!! I am so excited, I missed you oh so much.


bitter sweet feelings

I have a million magazines laying around in my room with no space left to put my belongings which I brought back with me from school. It is very hard for me to rip any page out of them but I must if I want my room back. I have no room to continue to subscribe and cherish them all forever. So, I though of a plan to still have a part of them with me. First, I have this huge wooden desk with a detachable shelf  (that my mother found on the side of the road one day) and my plan is to cover the whole thing with pages from my magazines. I have already started the dirty work in ripping out the  pages now it is just time for me to make room and start gluing. this project is more than just gluing like an easy art and craft project but when I am done I still need to coat it with something so that if the pages were to get wet it would not ruin the whole thing. I want it to be eye-catching yet functional. I really cant wait till this project is complete and my goal  is by the end of this summer. I also want to to a whole mini makeover to the rest of my room. this is what I go through every time I move back fr0m college, and it drives me insane because I end up with I have less and less space in my room. I have so many more ways to recycle these stacks of magazines but this is the biggest project. I will be sure to post pictures of before and after once it is done, I hope it comes out good!

Long Live McQueen

At the moment, Style.com is my  front row access to any fashion show for any season.  I just took a look at the late Alexander McQueen’s last collection which I believe ended New York’s fashion week for Fall 2010. It was a 16 piece collection and was fit for royalty in my opinion. These pieces here were my favorite’s and reminded me of historical Spanish explores. Theses are magnificently handmaid pieces that I am sure took the breath out of a lot of people. He was a genius who crafted amazing and beautify made  avant garde. He literally brought his dreams into reality, with always unusually but appreciated designs. I am saddens me to think every time that his time has come to an end yet we still have all his memorable collections to admire and talk about for a lifetime.

new loVe

I have got to admit, I am used to flipping threw the pages of magazines like ELLE, VOGUE, and Bazaar. But never really appreciated V magazine until now. I always see it in the newsstands but as eye-catching as their covers are, I never really picked one up. After going on vmagazine.com I have now come to the conclusion that they have some of the most amazing layout photos I have ever seen. The website has become my new favorite to look checkout fashion photos from the magazine. And , it is so easy to navigate and not overwhelming to check-out for the first time, short and to the point. I even found my blog picture ‘one size fits all’ photos from V Mag taken by Terry Richardson. Two really beautiful young women at two totally different sizes. No one HAS to be a size zero to look as good as a high fashion model. Embrace the body you have and just work to be healthy not skinny.