Oh my lord, it has been so long since my last blog entry. So much has happened in my life good and sad. Well I started working once again for the fifth year in a row with the city of mcallen. I actually just a few hours ago got out from working the cities eighty something fourth of july parade and festivities. It was a fun, hot, long and tiring day. I have put in a lot of hours working then spending my free time playing softball, volleyball and researching for my (hopefully) study abroad trip to london fall 2011, getting ready for my sisters wedding in December before I leave and just school business. With all this going on someone very close to me passed away. She was an aunt, wife, a mother, a daughter, and a sister. I am very proud to have been her niece, and will never forget and hold close to my heart all the wonderful memories my family shared with her and her family. But when sadness is good comes out of it. I thank her for an amazing blessing of an opportunity to stumble upon me last minute. My dream is to one day, after I have already graduated and learned and acquired so much more knowledge and experience, to work with Nike corporate office in Oregon designing shoes, athletic apparel, and accessories in product development and just dealing with the athletes who are sponsored and have their own lines within the company. Athletics is and will always be a part of me with fashion. So one day while looking at the Nike outlet store I saw a small poster about a design competition that was due in just a few days after I saw the advertisement. I worked on it the only day I had a day off because of Alex the hurricane that hit the valley (thank goodness the outcome was no katrina) which was luckily the day before it was due. I entered three categories a shirt, Jordan and N7 shoe design. Even though my designs were last minute I believe in all my entries and can only hope for the best. This would be a blessing and would open us so many doors for my dream of working with the company. I can only wait and pray for my designs to make the semi finalist designs which would be posted online and it would be up to votes from the people. Keep an eye out for me. Nike Town no matter what happens I will be there one day;)