School is cool

It is already Thursday which is Friday in college student calendars. I missed time going fast like this no time is ever wasted when you are in college or at least my time isn’t. I am usually always reading or doing some type of assignment for my classes. This year has started great so far even though I am taking 18hrs (warning: kids don’t do that at home) but I am determined not to drop any classes so I can study abroad next semester without worrying about giving myself a full load again my senior year. I made a promise to myself that I would not exceed four years in school (eight semesters). My university suits me well and I love the environment, professors and campus even though they get thousands of dollars from our pockets. That is actually the main reason why and also I just really want to get out and begin my career and life on my own, being an adult. Being an adult comes with a lot of responsibilities but I have gotten used to it not having my family close to me for long periods of time. Not having the luxury to go see my family every weekend is tough love. Yesterday, I got some good news from the financial aid office about study abroad although the amount left that I need to pay is more it is not unmanageable, I am more certain that it is going to happen than I was even during the conversation I was having with the nice financial aid lady yesterday. I praise the lord it is doable and it relieves a bit of stress from me for this year now in order for me to attend London College of Fashion I just need to receive an acceptance letter, apply for housing, buy my plane ticket, and continue saving money for food and recreation. I am so excited but have no time to be at the same time cause I need to stay focused. Well until next time, my ethics class is about to start.

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One more day…

Today is the last day of summer for me. I have got most of my bags packed and ready to go back to San Antonio for the semester, with just a few more to go. Every year is seems like I have more and more things to take with me back to school. I don’t think anyone understands exactly why I take practically my entire room with me but its because I do not live near by ( approximately a four hour drive to and from) and do not have the luxury or the time to go back and forth. My always must haves are my shoes (which I have edited, a little), cant forget my clothes for fall and winter weather, costume accessories (which I have recently come to love), everyday jewelry, bags of all shapes and sizes mainly in all black though, and my scarves and hats. Cosmetics are important for women but not as important to this woman. Although, after getting my make up done for the lady gaga concert at MAC I kind of fell in love at how drag I looked. If I knew how to apply make-up like that daily, I would totally do it. For now the only part of that facade I can emulate is the dark maroon colored lip stick called satin Rebel under the lip gloss called date night, that I bought the day of the concert. Aside from my minimum use of make-up, I am so excited to begin my junior year. This is a big and busy year for me because I turn 21 in 9 days, my sister is getting married and I am the maid of honor, and them if all goes well, like two weeks after that I will be leaving to London for the semester Abroad. I feel like this year is really going to have a major impact on my life hopefully helping to getting closer to my career goal of working with Nike Corporate one day. Until next time…

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

This semester I am going to be starting the year on a budget. With the whole study abroad opportunity for the spring I need to be financially ready to support myself when I am out of the country. Its a big step but I am ready. My mission this semester with so many fabulous fall trends is to hold back on the mall, investment pieces is what I must look for. Once I get ready for London it is going to be cold and rainy. The hardest part is that I am on my own and they don’t allow 5 suitcases of luggage a person. I need to minimize and simplify with my shoes and clothes and everything else that is a must to take. I just hope I am financially prepared that is my only worry, because money doesn’t grow on trees, living in London I have calculated is pretty pricey. Wish me luck!

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