One thing every college student should do…

Here and there I have mentioned in my entries how I may be studying abroad next semester. Now I can say it is 100% good to go, I will be studying abroad at the London School of Fashion for spring 2011. I am so excited and ready to begin my journey in London. I believe every student, if the opportunity is available, should take advantage of what is an ultimate life changing experience that you will remember forever. I would love to share this experience with those interested in studying abroad. Comment send me messages and questions, I would love to be the one to help influence your decision in doing this in the near future. You will never know unless you ask. As a Co-President of the Fashion Society at my school, I will am going to tell all my members to do the same and I will post them up. My only other request is to not have the mentality of “I could never to that because it cost too much”. I will admit that is what I thought until I was proactive by researching and asking an immense amount of questions to my study abroad advisor my sophomore year(Fall 2009). That is when I found out that it was totally possible and was committed to making sure I made this happen. So be proactive by doing research and asking questions, do not ever doubt any dreams you may have because anything is possible.

xoxo Heather

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Hellooooo Ms. President…

At Incarnate Word we have an organization called  The Fashion Society, which I was Public Relations officer of last year. As much as it would be wonderful to say that it was a success,  the year turned out to be a failure. So we has our first meeting today and consisted of officer elections because I am the only officer from last year who returned. I went in knowing it was going to start from scratch and knowing that this year would be different and possibly not running for an office for the fact that I leave to London next semester. When I entered the room it was like a whole new positive ambiance, filled with people who want to be there.  Our organizations’ advisor approached me (which she  knows my work ethic and the committment I showed last year) and asked if I could be Co-President this year. She was already aware of my Study Abroad trip because she wrote a recommendation letter for it and knowing that I was honored that she had trust in me to be able to advise the new officers who would soon be elected. There were tones of new officer  positions available and almost two hours later we were done with our elections. Finally, this semester I can say the Fashion Society is back and ready go.  It is whole new year with a whole new and enthusiastic group of officers. I am excited and promise to make it a successful year, leaving to London on a good note;)

❤ Heather