My Rococo Inspired Creation Part 1

Like I had mentioned recently I am working on an extra credit project which requires me to recreate a shoe based on the fashion from a period in time. I was inspired after watching Marie Antoinette and here is a sneak peak at what I have done so far…

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Halloween Costume

Spending an entire day going to local thrift shops, vintage stores, discount clothing stores, garage sales, and in yours and friends closets is a good way to save a bunch during this time of the year. Halloween is a day when wearing tranie style make-up and very little clothing is completely accepted.

Last Halloween I was a can-can dancer which I thought was just the cutest but this year I decided to pull from my wardrobe and save my money. Having a love for fashion means I have a variety of costume looking outfits and accessories. Minnie Mouse was my final choice and pretty darn cute if I may add.

My costume consisted of a short yet classy length red with white polka dots dress that I got at a monthly garage sale held at a convention center in my hometown for about .50-$1 like two years back, some sequins Minnie Mouse years from Disney World that my older sister gave me as a souvenir, a pair of black thigh-highs with satin bows on the front top of them which I borrowed from my friend and said she purchased them from HotTopic, a pair of black patent leather pep-toe heels from forever21, a pair of pearl/gold metal bow earrings from Forever21 and a thick black two holed belt from target. Almost all was just out of my closet!

Now for make-up, this is definitely something not really in my area becasue I usually go with the natural look but ever since my experience at MAC for the Lady Gaga concert I was kind of obsessed with dramatic look. So I attempted do dramatic eyes which was a decent job. I kept it simple but bold with  a super dark-blue eye shadow from LOREAL, my MAC false eyelashes, Black Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid eyeliner(which I highly recommend is great), and a new inexpensive brand of mascara that is better than NYC brand for those looking for inexpensive this is great. All of this together and some blush on the cheeks is all I that went into my Minnie Mouse look.

Photo OPP;)

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A weekend filled with inspiration…

I am working on an extra credit project for fun which requires us to recreate a pair of shoes that emulate the fashions of a period . So, after watching two amazing movies, The Young Victoria and Marie Antoinette, plus images in my head of Madam Pompadour, I was very inspired. I can’t wait to see what the end product is going to look like:)

Stay tuned for my creations!

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Mulberry for Target!!!

Today I thought I would take a trip to my local Target to browse. After going through the entire store my last stop was accessories and I stumbled upon something amazing, the new Mulberry for Target collection!! The bags I got to see ranged from $14.99- $29.99  in pink leopard print, classic black leather, and paten leather (Target, San Antonio, Texas). I thought there was a very small selection so I looked online when I got back to see more styles available. I was not able to  see them because I noticed that the collection is supposed to come out on 10-10-10 , today is 10-08-10. That was a pleasant surprise to get a sneak peek at what they have to offer. They had the classic Mulberry look at amazing prices. I can’t wait to see what else Mulberry has for Target when the entire collection is available on-line October 10!


Mulberry inspiration


Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

Those of  you who have an interest in studying abroad in the near future and receive a Federal Pell Grant, this is the scholarship for you!

“The Gilman Scholarship Program offers awards for undergraduate study abroad and was established by the International Academic Opportunity Act of 2000. This scholarship provides awards for U.S. undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funding at a two-year or four-year college or university to participate in study abroad programs worldwide.”             

It requires a statement of purpose essay   and a follow on project proposal that must be completed within 6 months of your arrival. You could receive up to $5,000 and multiple scholarships are awarded which is the best part! Remember, they want to know what impact studying abroad in the country you plan on traveling to. I submitted this semesters application and am anxiously waiting even though the application deadline had just passed. I am crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. The Gilman Scholarship is something you should really look into if you are serious in studying abroad.

I have done my part in informing you about this amazing scholarship, now it is up to you to make the move and be proactive you truly desire to study abroad and need a little financial help. I did and now all I must do is wait patiently to see what happens.

Until next time!