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Family Spotlight

I was going through my news feed on Facebook the other day and saw under Nike Women mu very own cousin was featured on their page. I was in such amazement  and thought I would share it with you. Read her story below and why she is making herself  SPICY!

You go girl!

Kristen Resendez: She loves her brothers, but they teased her. A lot. And even though she was always active with soccer, volleyball, cross-country and track, she struggled with her weight, which didn’t help things. She was curvy, which didn’t always make her comfortable. Then there was freshman year in college and some more weight gain.

It started to get to her. As it would with anyone.

And that’s precisely when Kristen Resendez heard something brilliant and turned it all around. She was venting to one of her brothers when he dropped this on her: Don’t talk about it, be about it.

That’s all it took to kick her into transformation-mode. First she bought a road bike. And rocked it. Then she became a group fitness instructor on campus. And rocked it harder. Now she’s leading boot camps, embracing her curves, eating healthy, wearing the smallest size jeans she’s ever fit in, and helping others get fit too. In her own words, she’s making herself spicy.

When she’s tired, she turns up the music (Never fails to get her dancing.). For fuel, her standbys are yogurt and fruit (particularly bananas).

This future meteorologist has really brought some heat to her life and her fitness levels. We love her perspective, especially when she says; “There is always room to be stronger, faster, more beautiful, and more spicy!”

My Life Update!

Hello Primafashionistas!Even though last week the last of the semester at school I am still having a busy week because  my sisters wedding is just three days away!! So plenty of preparation and as the maid of honor (which I have been useless to her since I was swampt with schoolwork and in another city) I am making up for lost times. My family is a household of Mexican Martha Stewart’s becasue most everything must be DIY.  So that and being able to now be excited and concentrate on my trip to London is what this Christmas/New Years break consists of. D-Day is January 4, 2011!! Right around the corner and no words can explain how excited I am right now. Life is great!

And,I have some amazing news I would love to share with all my primafashionista readers. Some time back when I finished up my application for the Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship I posted a little about the scholarship and attached the website you could go to to read more, well I GOT IT!!! I found out some time back but with everything going on right now never had a chance to share this news with you. This is something I am very proud of myself for getting becasue I have worked so hard in everything I have done up to this point in my life and it just gives me a sense of accomplishment. I would also like to let you know I will be doing a video blog for my school which I will be the first study abroad student to do and I will  be posting updates weekly while on my semester in the UK at the London College of Fashion! Don’t worry I will be doing the same for you but maybe a little more;] So stay tuned for Diary like posts, videos, and pictures I will try my hardest to make daily but I know I will have a website use restriction where I will be living so bare with me. Also, please please please feel free to post any questions and/or advise you have for me or you would like to know! I want to share my experience and encourage others to study abroad or something similar too!

Stay tuned for whats to come in the future!



The Patriot

Well this semester has been full of fun projects for my fashion history class. My last project was recreating a hat in which my inspiration came from the patriotic costumes worn during the French Revolution.
It started with a straw place mat and I created what I like to call ‘The Patriot’.


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