Update from London!

Hello primafashionistas! I would like to apologize for not updating you on my life in London! The thing is I am given a certain amount of minutes and a limit on unloading things to the internet. I have been posting updates on a school related blog I volunteered for before I came and didn’t really know about my limits online until I got here. Right now I am actually getting this to you through my blackberry application of wordpress and wasn’t sure if it would work since I am in another country. Hopefully if you are reading this then it works fine and I will get to you this way.
Just a little update I am starting my second week of school and had a wonderful first week. There are seven classes I am taking so I have class all five days of the week but some of them actually finish earlier than others. And I have twelve more weeks of school because graduation from the London College of Fashion Study Abroad Program is on April 15th! If you have time take a look at my blog for school at http://uiw.typepad.com/heather_martinez/ By visiting this you will have a complete update of what I have been up too in London and in school. There are pictures also! Until next time;)


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Wont you take me to, NIKETOWN!

Hello beautiful people! I just wanted to fill you in on something wonderful. For those of you new reading my blog my career goal is to work with NIKE corporate in the US. And so the other day while adventuring off on my own in London I made a plan to stop at the NIKETOWN LONDON store on Oxford Street which is also the same street my main school location is on. After stopping by the T-Mobile store to update my phone with international services I then came upon seeing my school for the first time and then what do you know right on the other side of the H&M across the street was the newly remodeled four story NIKETOWN store. I was in amazement upon entering and it was a bit over whelming because I felt like a kid in a candy store. Here are some pictures of what I saw!

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Helloooo from london!!

So I have ben having technical difficulties because I have been trying to attach a video diary that I took when i got here. So I will continue to work on that and fix it. Well I am finally here in London!! I left January 4th at 12pm and after two flights and a total of 10 hours in a plane I arrive in at London Heathrow airport ¬†on January 5th at 7am London time. The whole trip has thrown off my sleep I was running on no real sleep for a whole and took a 5hr nap that was suppose to be me going to bed early already but that did not work and now it is 10:53pm and I am wide awake now. I have only met two of my roommates so far they are very nice and I am excited to meet the other six girls that should be living here. This is going to be a wonderful, adventurous, and enlightening semester. I am going to take it all in so I can remember this experience forever, I still can’t believe I am here already on my own! I am so very thankful to have such supportive ¬†family and friends in my life encouraging me and wishing me the best. I will make you all proud, that’s a promise! Well i am going to go for now just wanted to let you know I have finally arrived!!! And also I have weekly limits on being on the internet so please bare with me.