How to tie a scarf…

Hello Everyone! Well, I am a big fan of scarfs. Many of my close friends will agree with that statement. I have been asked many times ‘how do you tie a scarf?’ I never have an exact answer but show them how I personally do it. Here are some good tutorials by Liberty of London on some different ways to tie them. I personally find them pretty helpful, hopefuly you will too! My favorite is the bow tie, I will be trying that soon.

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Liberty of London for Nike to launch April 2nd

One of my favorite collaborations has to be Nike and Liberty of London. When I was abroad last spring they launched another on of their collections and I snagged myself a pair of Nike Blazers with Liberties ‘Kara’s Trees’ print. I went to Liberty on a Friday early one morning just after I made a quick stop at school. How amazing was it that my main campus was just a very short walk away from so many stores. A fashion students dream! haha On the other hand a nightmare when you are trying save money! But that was one of my favorite purchases I made while abroad. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to get myself a pair.

Once again Liberty and Nike have come together and are launching their Spring 2012 collection on April 2nd at 10AM. This time if I am looking to get a pair I need to try it online. And, early with the time difference. The Nike Inc. website shows the shoes that are in this years collection and the prints. Psychedelic prints this year. Last year seemed to have a bit more of a variety but none the less there are some really amazingly unique pairs. The first five shoes to release will be in the Nike Free 5.o, Air Max 1, and Cortez styles. My favorite pair are the Air Max. I love that this one seems to be more athletic use oriented. With a Liberty print how can you go wrong? I am not quite sure how this is going to work and if you can only purchase these in the UK but I don’t think they will be that exclusive BUT there are only so many they make, I ‘m sure. So don’t hesitate!

One of the other pairs that will be released in May are on trend with the wedge athletic shoe. They are Nike Dunks with the built in wedge heel for a more feminine look and non athletic use. Celebrities, I’ve seen them mainly on models, are wearing these wedge heel sneaker style at the moment. Not exactly my cup of tea but others think differently.

I’m crossing my fingers I can get my hands on a pair. Take a look at the photos Nike released of the shoes. Let me know what you think!

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Below: My Nike Spring 2011 Kara’s Trees Blazers

The Spring 2012 Nike X Liberty Collection