Fashion: A$AP Rocky- Goldie

By: Heather K. Martinez

A$AP Rocky is an artist whose career is only continuing to get bigger. A New York native, who doesn’t quite like to publish that for his own reasons, and talented rapper. In his new video “Goldie” you can tell he really is becoming something producing a video at another level from his firsts. Directed by, conceptualized and stylized all by himself, A$AP truly is multitalented.

Even with the shots of nude women rolling around in silk sheets the whole video was truly tasteful and classy while still sticking to his style. Shot in Paris, I really thought it was a step up and even A$AP stated something similar in the behind the scenes video of “Goldie”. Alexander Wang provided the fashion throughout the video. A$AP has established a style for himself that is becoming noticed by some well-known designer names. He has had pretty sophisticated taste in fashion since the start of his career, impressive in my opinion. A$AP Rocky is a name that will only continue to get bigger with his talent and determination.

Take a look at his new video!

Source: Hypebeast


Lana Del Rey

Hello Everyone! I am pretty sure I am a little late at discovering this artist, Lana Del Rey, but I am so obsessed with her right now. ‘A bit retro, ironic and modern’ T magazine describes her sound.  The innocent yet very seductive Brigitte Bardot  look and voice itself for me is very hypnotic and her lyrics are dark, giving the slightly dysfunctional beauty queen vibe. Pouty lips, big brown eyes with cat eye liner, bouffant hair is everything guys desire and girls would like to be. There has been controversy to her look and that she was a manufactured star. That shouldn’t really matter, it should be about the music. I have caught myself putting her ‘Born to Die’   album on repeat. All the songs are very catchy and it is hard to pick a favorite. There is a hint of hip hop influence in her lyrics and sound, which may be why I am absolutely obsessed with her music right now. Lana really is someone to watch out for, I’m looking forward to see what her future in the music industry looks like.

Check out her newest video ‘Carmen.’ Her videos to me seem to have the french cinema look to them, love it!

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MUSIC: Gotye

So one of my favorite type of genres of music is alternative so I have been steaming a radio station from Austin, Texas called 101X Independent. Local. Alternative. ( The music the station play are all my favorites plus many more new artists. I heard this song called ‘Somebody that I used to know’ by an Australian called Gotye. There is something about the sound of this song that I love. He was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night which I didn’t actually watch because I was in bed but I heard my roommates watching it. The sound of this guys voice at times sounds like Sting or someone like that I can not pin point who exactly. Anyways, I love it. Take a listen and I’ve posted the Official Video and last nights live performance.

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